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Dr. Clark Konczak

​​Dr. Philippa Carrie

Cedar Coast Chiropractic

About Us at Cedar Coast Chiropractic

The Doctors of Chiropractic at Cedar Coast have over 30 years of experience assessing, diagnosing and treating patients with all types of conditions. 

We take an individualized approach to your condition and provide comprehensive treatments.

We are specifically trained to diagnose the underlying cause of your problem. 

We work with all practitioners to give you an evidence-based approach to treatment. We will discuss your treatment options. You are part of the decision process.  Our goal is to have you feeling better and moving better, restoring proper function to your body.

  • We will review your tests such as X-Rays, MRI and CT if available.
  • We are spine, muscle, skeleton and nervous system experts.
  • We provide treatments you are comfortable with. 
  • If needed, we have laser, electrotherapy,  and ultrasound.
  • We will help you with exercise, stretching advice and injury prevention.
  • We can assess and prescribe high-quality custom orthotics made locally right here in Victoria.

Our convenient hours, plus morning and evening appointments, as well as a great location at the corner of Cook Street and Johnston Street on the edge of Downtown Victoria with ample parking, will help serve you better.