​​Cedar Coast Chiropractic is located between Fernwood, Cook Street Village, Harris Green, and Downtown. It is located on BC Transit bus routes, has a high walkability index from downtown and surrounding areas. It is also located along the new Pandora Street dedicated bike lane.

It is located just the right distance to be able to walk from work downtown, and back to work, or visit after work on your way home. 

There is metered parking with a phone App to pay on Johnson Street and Pandora Street before Cook Street.

Free before 9 and after 5.  

Free 2-Hour parking on Johnson Street, Yates Street and Pandora Street after Cook Street and Three Robbins Parking lots adjacent to the Mondrian.

If in doubt, call us, and we will be happy to help!

(778) 430-0555.

Cedar Coast Chiropractic

The quality of the office environment, is also reflected in our commitment to our external environment, as we re-use, recycle and have adopted an approach to eliminate single-use items and paper, wherever possible with durable products, so your visit not just helps you, it helps the earth. We also source all of our products locally, contributing to jobs and the economy in the most responsible way.

Cedar Coast Chiropractic's Office itself, is warm and airy. It is filled with natural light, soothing finishes, a focus on the visualization and attributes of the beautiful part of the world that we live in.

Treatment rooms have plenty of natural light, warm finishes, and we have treatment tables of varying heights and widths to keep all of our patients comfortable. 

We have rooms large enough to allow a stroller to make a complete turn-around in, and rooms dedicated to rehab exercises and active therapy, with enough room for both the Doctor and patient to do exercises at the same time.

From the beginning, we tried to think of everything with your and our health in mind.

Cedar Coast Chiropractic is Located at Cook Street and Johnson Street at the edge of Downtown Victoria, in the Mondrian building.

 The building and office, based on a cube, was designed by local Architect Peter De Hoog. His inspiration was the Artist Piet Mondrian, who is famous for his non-representational works that he called "neoplastism", and it has found its way into much of the graphic art seen today.